Westwood Pharmacy is proud to offer our state-of-the-art pharmacy management software, eLinkRx, which increases efficiency, reduces ordering/dispensing errors, and saves your facility money. By utilizing eLinkRx, your facility will have real-time data integration, so there will never be a lapse in communication between your facility and our pharmacy.

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  • easily¬†ordering, refilling, cancelling and tracking prescriptions
  • adding new patients, discharging patients, looking up drug interactions or allergies, looking at the patient‚Äôs history, and reports
  • maintaining electronic records for all their patients on-site
  • and so much more…

These features are easily done and reduce the time spent managing patient data. This allows your staff to focus on providing the highest quality patient care.

We assure all facilities that the implementation of our software is seamless by establishing direct support and initial on-site training for all facilities. Our dedicated software experts are always available for phone, or in-person for training, consultation, and troubleshooting.