Westwood Pharmacy’s advanced correctional software, eLinkRx, can provide a multitude of computer generated reports with real-time data at your facility. This provides all facilities with the option to print reports on-site, increasing the efficiency and productivity of your management staff.

Our in-house database experts and clinical experts will work with your management staff to generate any report that your facility may require. We run a wide range of reports for all of our facilities, from formulary adherence reports to patient-specific expenditure reports. Here at Westwood Pharmacy, we feel certain that we would be able to provide your facility with any and all custom designed reports required by your management team monthly or on demand.

Reporting Options

  • High to low usage by quantity or price for medications and OTC’s
  • Number of new and refill prescriptions dispensed
  • Formulary vs. non-formulary medications dispensed
  • Number of inmates on particular classes of medications such as controls, psychotropic’s, etc.
  • Detailed inmate profiles
  • Top twenty (20) most expensive patient’s profile showing a detailed listing
  • Notification of medications reordered too soon
  • And many more, with customization available